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Originally Posted by Hayduke
Thanks. I may look at a Baja Designs 8" Halogen in the future. Anyone know if the XR400 puts out enough juice to run it?
great bike for colorado!

about all it will muster is a 55w up front in stock form.
baja designs stocks the glass upgrade light housing and you buy a 55w h3 locally. it's enough light to get home if you're late.

using a 14th fr sproket (with stock rear) is the key colo mountain gearing.

i'm minimally street legal:
i wired a hydro brake light switch to the front banjo bolt and then the rear brake assy and soldered in the extra wire (stocked used 2 but it's ready for a 1157 3 wire setup). i use a 1157 heavy duty rear bulb.

i also use a scotts liscense plate bracket (one of the worst designed web pages in existence) with larger washers & then rubber washers on each side of the plate as vibration damping. using small nuts and bolts and your plate will vibrate in pieces.

i use a ufo fold-in mirror with the 3 nut and bolt tightening hardware at the knuckle. the acerbis fold-in mirror tightens with 3 screws into plastic at the knuckel area and and strips over time.

that's all that i have for street legal. at dmv, i signed that i have a horn and signals are not needed in colo. no issues with moab cops either. they just want to see an up to date plate. dmv required the bill of sale to state the bike if "for off-road only" then they checked the vin# there, had me sign a form stating it meets the requirements and issued me a tag and title.

as for the bike TT is the place for tech:
i've done gordon mods (you've got a nice aftermarket muffler), uni filter/cage upgrade, denso irdium plug, spark plug boot mod and set the valves spot on so it starts easy. i point a small space heater at the motor when it has sat for a few weeks to help it fire.

just as a repeat:
mine fires in 1 kick with this procedure:

turn up idle screw about 1 turn
full choke
Pull in decompressor lever & clutch/depress kill button/throttle wide open
kick 4-5 times (primes the engine)
release all except clutch
find TDC with kick start (it’s when you first feel resistance)
kick w/ no throttle
don't touch throttle
go to middle position on choke & let idle
after a minute turn off choke and turn down idle

here's a jetting guide assuming gordons has been done.
xrs are happy when they're leaner than richer so err on the lean side.
first # is main, second is pilot jet for. 150/50 works from moab to up high for me.
0000 ft > 160 / 60
1600 ft > 158 / 58
3200 ft > 155 / 55
5000 ft > 152 / 52
6500 ft > 150 / 50
9800 ft > 148 / 48

make sure to check & lube the swing arm bolt asap!!!
that's the only real issue with an xr4.

i'd love come down your way sometime and do some trail riding. i have good friends who live in salida.
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