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Originally Posted by niccoIndy
Any ideas where you are going to find parts? I've had decent luck with ebay for my CL350, although my choices are much more slim for the 125. I will probably just have to get creative.
I restored a CB350 twin recently, and I was surprised at how many parts I could order at the local Honda dealer. (they are generally cheaper than ebay, too!) Of course, the 350 saw much higher production, so it makes sense that they would still carry parts. that may not be so true for the 160.

So far I've identified ebay stores sources for all the control cables on the bike, and also for carb kits. I know I can buy the gaskets to rebuild the petcock through my Honda dealer parts counter, as I have bought them for several other bikes with the same petcock. The only other parts I can think of that I need to replace right away are the rubber pad on the left side of the tank, and the knob for the steering dampner. Any ideas where I might find those?

I'll try posting a wanted ad over on the SOHC4 forums, which have been a great source of parts and advice on my previous Honda restorations. For those who aren't familiar, SOHC4 is a great source of knowledge on Hondas in general, not just the SOHCs. (Isn't it, Uncle Ernie!?) Here's a link to the "Other bikes" forum there, which is where the knowledge on these old twins will be found:

Thankfully I have all the other sheetmetal parts in restorable condition. Those seem to be the hardest parts to find. Surprisingly, the fuel tank is clean inside. My exhaust system is also in usable (though not perfect) condition. I polished up one muffler last night, and when I turned it end up, some rust and black junk started falling out of the muffler. I shook it, and a large pile of black junk came out. I was sure my muffler was rotten inside, until I looked closely at that pile of junk: sunflower seed shells. Some mouse was apparently living in the muffler all those years. I haven't pulled the second muffler off, but I'll bet it's full of shells too!
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