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ok so I read this. Pulled mine at 13k. Not plugged.

Got to thinking about this little jet, considering the clutch is on the other side of the engine, this little jet can serve only to keep the bushing and seal wet that the rod passes thru, with out having excess oil pressure blow by the seal.

People experiencing clutch basket wear, well, welcome to KTM. I've had a few KTM dirt bikes, friends who have them. The fingers on the KTM clutch baskets are notorious for having the clutch disks wear groves in them. Best solution is to go with an after market basket, or grind the grooves smooth.

If the clutch grabs when the bike is cold that is normal as the oil is still thick. My '07 Honda CBR does it, my BMWs real wheel spins and they have a dry clutch. All my dirt bikes have done it.

And to all the KTM noobs. Back in the day, before the internet, when KTM was almost like a start up company in the US. Hell, I remember driving 3 hrs to a barn in the middle of BFE Indiana to get a piston and rings. I waited 5 months for a gasket set for a KTM 250EXC once.

Things are a little better. Two things.

1) If your dealer can't get parts. Find another dealer. Odds are the old KTM dealers have a savvy parts guy who KNOWS. (like the one in Hayward CA. [before it burnt] Rock on dude.)

2) Tell 'em to cancel the parts order. Order it yourself off the net, then hand it to them the next day on a platter. Trust me. I've played this game before with BMW. You'll be surprised how fast they get parts.

3) You CAN rebuild the engines with a grinder and an ACE Hardware.
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