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Originally Posted by braaap!
and another simple one....

276 with Gilsson remote antenna.

when it all goes wrong.... I need it all tucked up nice an' tight...
I see a couple other genius's onboard have discovered the supplied Garmin mount for the 276 fits lovely on the dash. If you have a remote antenna it can be be placed further back and more out of the way and shaded from the sun. Infact, I also have a Tourtech iso mount (not the real jiggly one, the one thats cheaper and has smaller iso mounts) and it vibrates like a s.o.b. mounted off the handlebar mounts. Touch the bar mount and there are very little vibes. Touch the gps and you can get a hand massage. Its enough to make the gps power off when running on the internal battery.
The stock plastic one mounted on a rubber gasket (sliced off a piece of old hand grip) is smooth enough to run on batteries and it also locks in place, without key though. Oddly enough when I mounted the Tourtech on my 300 2T, the bar mounts vibe a bit, but very little vibes get to the gps. I run it on the battery no probs on that bike.
If you are not going to do any desert racing, or need the big route sheet holder and all the tubing that comes with it, you can use the power feed for the route sheet holder for a switched powersupply to hardwire the gps and any other accessories to. There is a spare 2 wire square plug in the connections under the dash. I don't like the idea of a lighter plug sticking out, or popping out in bumpy conditions.
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