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Originally Posted by Hayduke
Nice bike, sbruton. I'm still torn- I like the Acerbis tank, but I don't want it's size to interfere with riding singletrack. What are your thoughts? Also, coming off of the DR650, how would you compare the two on road and off....

The Acebis tank is BIG and I would only recommend it for back country type DS rides where it's not too aggressive. As eakins eluded to - it adds a lot of weight up high if the tank is full. I am running the stock tank now and will continue to do so unless I really need the extra range on long back country trips. The good thing is that they are super easy to change out and isn't a big deal to keep both tanks around!

I was trying to make my DR more capable off-road with various mods and now I'm trying to make the XR a bit more capable on-road (taller gearing, big bore etc). The suspension in the DR is very soft and more suited to true dualsport and back roads, however very comfortable on-road. You can ride single track with the DR, but much slower pace than the XR. There is no question the XR is a true dirt bike and the DR is not. If I can get the XR to run along the highway at 100 kph without ringing the sh!t out if and still have low enough gears to ride single track - I'll have the best of both worlds! I find the XR quite comfortable on the road, provided I can keep the RPM's down....
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