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Originally Posted by yusuf
Let me ask please a further question:
how / where do you suggest to fix the headlight?
This is an important issue I think.
I already ordered a 20 cm diameter headlight from a Dutch store.
Please, could you give me some suggestions how to build a proper bracket?
You'll need the bracket of an yamaha SR500, which can be modified so it hangs under the top bracket, and is supported by a "ski" on the headstock, in future i will make somemore pictures to explain the modification, so watch R3B in the future, although it will take this lazy motorbiker some weeks to percolate it into a understanable story.

I hope to build my own R3B2, if you agree with the name

Are the TCK 80 so dangereuse in wet road? I thought to use them also for each day..
They look so great and wilde on the GS!
Nooow, they're not dangerous, it's more like the grip of tourances now, while the german made TKC's had more grip in the cold Anakees, and the same dependable incoming slide behaviour.

The Korean TKC is more like the Tourance, "now you have grip, and then you don't have anything anymore"

P.S. this actually was deu to an oilspill btw.
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