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Hey guys, I just recently built an 82 Honda XL500, same bike. I got it locally for $550. It runs like a champion.

My problem is starting this thing. I've kicked it the day I bought it and it started in 2-3 kicks from cold no problem.

The last 2 times I've started it, its kicked back and nearly broke my ankle.
It does not have a decompression lever on the bars, just the auto decomp operated off the kickstarter.

What is the correct starting procedure for this bike? Please help! It runs great, I've just gotta figure out how to start it reliably without breaking my ankle. I already made the mistake of starting it in tennis shoes the other night, and it took most of the skin off of my heel. Its better in boots, but my ankle can't take much more of those kick backs!

Heres some pics:

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