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Originally Posted by NC Rick
We also spent time checking wheel rate as well as spring rate and have developed the opinion that the stock 6.5 KG spring is good for riders up to 200 lbs or so and that a larger rider will be better served by a spring closer to 7.5 KG (200-250 lb rider). The spring rate recommendation can change for riders of 20 lbs or so either side, dependent on their preference and riding style. (rider wights WO gear).

There is no problem fitting the Eibach Jessie spring to the shock and we have two customer DR shocks in this initial build who will be having those installed.
Ok I must be just totally stupid or something.... I don't get it at all! My very limited experience with suspension and suspension set-up has led me to believe two things about suspension. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

1. Springs provide the ride height and are what need to be adjusted or changed to provide correct amount of sag.

2. The valving and other internals of a fork or shock are the parts that do all the dampening.

If these two statements are true.... How is the stock rear spring anywhere near strong enough to keep a 200 pound rider up high enough in the spring? What is the sag of your rear shock with a 200 LB rider on it?

If you've got time please explain this theory to a suspension dummy that's trying to learn. Just seems to me that the spring would need to be stiffer so that a rider can use all of their suspension travel and the only way to do that is to start out with the correct ride height which is to be determined by the spring.
I do understand that just throwing a stiffer spring on without revalving can be a bad idea since the spring will overpower the valving and you'll end up with a pogo stick... Your valving should help that though, right?

Ok, I'm done... Can anyone clear this up in my head?
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