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Originally Posted by kittycactus
Were there any other events as monumental as Honda’s introduction of the Elsinore in 1973?
there is still a lot of questions and points on the previous pages that need some responses too, but this is a good one and a very good one.

hard one to answer, as the Elsinore made that big of a splash. But the RM's which came after the TM's really went over well, as of course did the
Yamaha monoshock. The euro bikes never made the big spash, rather plodded along quietly making subtle changes and occasional new platforms such as the Maico Magnum and then the mighty 490 of 1981 (and 80?). Plodded along so quietly that one by one they fell by the wayside.

Disc brakes were greeted with some skepticisim on the Rokons, but they had the last laugh. Same with water cooling to a lesser degree.

I think the best answer would be yes, there was as big an impact made as the Elsinore, but it came in a combined effort in the form of single shock rear suspension via the Monoshock, Suzuki Full Floater, Honda Pro Link, and Kawasaki Uni track.

In bitter irony it was the beginning of the end for Maico.
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