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Some of my PennyTech Mods for my R1200GS

Also some other ideas for using the available storage space onboard

First up is the BACKPACK SEATBAG

This is the little backpack (daypack) that detaches from a larger backpack I used when I went to the USA

I made some straps with the opposite ends to what was attached to my little backpack, sat and thought for a few hours trying to figure out the best way to attach and route the clips / straps to each side and here is what I came up with. Simple and can be left on the bike.... it doesn't flap around in the breeze and the spare extra length of the strap allows for stuffing the backpack fuller ..... and the clips still reach the backpack.

Also I can / could place the backpack above something else this way and what ever is under the backpack is neatly secured as a bonus. Or vice versa I can remove the seat using the inbuilt rack under the seat and shorten the straps on the bike if needed. It was worth the drinking of rum and coke and the couple of hours fiddling ... as I ended up with a very versitile solution to carrying things before I purchased the top box I currently have on the bike.

But the seatbag / backpack still works with the top box for extra storage / carrying capacity when I need it.

Backpack straps tuck inside the back of the bag when not needed / fitted to the bike. Once off the bike, I just clip the straps to the bag and hey presto a normal backpack again!!!

It even has a carry handle up top if you don't need to use it as a backpack.

To make it waterproof I use another backpack cover I had laying around, Just stretch it over and hey presto again

Oh and a neat tip ..... grab yourself a cheap key-ring / carabiniere (spell?) clip thingy......clip all your zips together to stop them opening down the road and you loosing the contents of your bag. I clip it back to the bag when not in use.

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