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everything except the forks

Originally Posted by nachtflug
just the name when used in the proper context sends chills down the spine.


The Italian Husqvarna's are not Husky's.

The ones from Sweden were.
and all that swede-built entailed:

35mm forks with ten inches of travel, where we used to rotate stanchions 180 degrees every race or two to keep the bending back and forth consistent.

automatic transmission bikes that worked incredibly well while filling your crankcases oil with tiny pieces of brass.

the most beautiful dentable gas tanks in the world. ever.

power delivery that would make a rider cry if he was trying to race against japanese 250s by the early 80s. unless we're talking about enduros, in which case, with king richard burleson as saint and guide (13 national championships in a row has to be doing something right), that tractable engine just laid waste to everyone else.

handling. hmmm. straight line awesomeness. cornering, well, sort of the anti-maico. look for the berm, forget about the inside line. try to avoid bending the forks.

sigh, i miss my old 250xc...
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