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Originally Posted by BigMaggot
Just thinking here but if you are running the comp. adj valve all the way in[DR650],and feel that the comp dampening is ok[for me],but rebound is lacking,could you not put a heavier shock oil in
If you are changing the oil .. then you are stripping the shock .. in that case you may as well have the alter the rebound it self (shims) rather than change the type of oil! And it the adjuster is not near half way then have those shims changed too.. the point about having an adjustor is being able to adjust in either direction .. not about having it set to max or min for 'normal' operation.

Originally Posted by NC Rick
no doubt that the primary function of the damper is to provide critical damping to the spring and the controlled mass
In theory the primary function of

The Damping is to reduce the oscillation of the unspring mass.

The spring to support the vehicle while providing vertical movement.

Now that is simple?

Yes the secondary effects come into play (and third and forth etc) .. but some people consider those to be the primary things .. and need to be informed. Why? So they have a good understanding when they come to adjust the things.
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