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Originally Posted by kittycactus
At what point were aftermarket parts readily available (a different pipe for example)? It sounds like there wasn’t much and there was a lot of homemade fabrication going on.
more than one might think. the magazines (and dealers) played a bigger role then. as far as when, for me its harder to pinpoint, but someone who saw the 60;s blend into the 70's would probably take a good stab at it.

a few biggies that did just fine without todays marketing juggernauts and no internet.

Preston Petty fenders. Moto X Fox. Even Hooker Headers. And in a lot of cases, the last thing you needed was an aftermarket pipe, (TM 400 ) etc.

But again a good question. When things were "the hot setup" everyone got one. The Whirlpull Throttle 0r Gunnar Gasser. Hi Point boots. But these are 70's. Like a lot of things back then you would mail 50 cents for a catalogue from whoevers stuff you had an eye on.

Tough one to answwer definitively...

great thread!
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