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Originally Posted by NC Rick
DRinda, the dogbone change will change both wheel travel and lever ratio, with our shock modification, you could just use the ride height adjuster to dial in the additional height. What I would want to do is to look at the additional travel in the front and think about extending the shock in a way that give a little more travel. Lets say we add 1" of hight to the rear, we could then add 1" of wheel travel. Another possible way to address the same issue would be to add an internal spacer to the new fork to correct the ride height and travel at the front. I am 6'1" and have problems with my toe finding mother earth on some of the sidehill conditions in the woods. More hight isn't always what we want. For jumps, it would be great! I have an extra set of DRZ forks here and was thinking about a swap like that one day. I know from owning a DRZ that I would want to do a revalve of the fork at the same time.
Actually I do want more rear ride height, I'm 6'4". There isn't much room to shorten the dog bone linkage. The DRZ forks have 11.5" travel vs the DR forks which are 9 or 10" (can't remember). Anyways I like the idea of increasing rear shock travel and hence rear wheel travel. Also like the ride height adjustment by screwing in or out the shock clevis independent of the spring preloading. It's not that I ride my DR like a dirt bike (its too heavy, and I can always go steel my bros 04 KX500), but I like to have the suspension available, even over less demanding terrain or slower speeds a good suspension makes life more fun and safer.

Put the DRZ forks on yours NC_Rick, it is a big improvement.
05 DR650....Yea I know.... but it was cheap, Couldn't afford the Trail 90 I wanted.
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