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First actual customer shock is built!

Yep, it's done. The first shock I built for an actual customer. This one has the Hard Anodize coating and Jessie's 7.6 spring which fits even better than the stock one because the diameter is the same and standard on both ends.

The special adapters that are needed for the stock lowering system, are no longer needed and the spring clip fits snug as a bug.

The hard coat makes the shock feel way smoother working it by hand, I cant wait to ride with it once the rest of the bodies get run and I get my own shock built like this one.

I have about 8 shocks in this build (we did this one first to help a customer get his bike back on the wheels). Future shocks will likely be in a "group buy" type of deal again. I really cant make money dong these at such low volume (even with the group buy). Several parts are machined by hand and I end up with about 4 hours in each shock, not counting all the work with the anodizing. The anodizing is the big thing and I need the batch size to make it possible at a reasonable cost.

I never intended these as a real "product" for Cogent, I was doing mine and those for a few good friends but the word got out (I think it was on Maximum Suzuki or Thumper Talk) and people started calling (one of you guys sent me his shock and told me to mod it once I figured it out!). I really love this damn bike and I really like to do this stuff so if I end up with 20 or so DR 650 riders who have them, that will be cool. If it looks like the demand stays there, I will have to do something else on the custom work to make these more producible.

eyedragaknee, I was out with one of the early iterations of this shock riding with another old timer who hangs out on this forum and this guy can flat ride (he raced enduros for years) I could not get over the fact that he was staying on my but most anywhere on a bike bigger than mine. Well we got to an up hill section that was several miles of twisty and steep up hill with tons of high frequency wash board and I just totally disappeared from him and the rest of of our group. I was doing 50mph on that stuff and could carry almost full power before the rear would controllably slide. I was having a blast power sliding on the stuff. The thing that was holding the bike back was the forks with emulators and springs (with the stock and even the RaceTech moded shock, the fork was still better than the rear.

DRinda, the fork is a tempting mod but my brain (OK pea-brain) has been mulling over an other option that would be more stealth and that would be to install a set of cartridges into the stock forks.

With regard to your shock, I would really want to make the rear travel be more inline with what you have in front, that will do a couple things (besides making the bike taller), it will give both ends a similar ability's on big bumps (or jumps) and more importantly allow a softer spring rate for a more plush ride. Matching front and rear suspension performance is something I always strive for.
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