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Originally Posted by dan-c
Don't forget reliable Maico's usually had to be dialed in after every moto. The Jap bikes, you just changed the plugs.
Interesting thread. So many memories from way back then. In some ways riding was different then in the sense that the land was still pretty much wide open: Just go ride. When people first talked about closing off parts of the desert for something called "ecology" whatever we just laughed because the desert was public land and public land belonged to everyone so you couldn't close it.

We (Bultaco racers) used to say that Maicos used the finest mahogony bearings money could buy. Of course Bultacos were the very model of reliability.

Happily, riding now feels just as good as riding 40+ years ago; crashing hurts a little more though.

Below, that's me in my traditional "middle of the pack" race mode circa 1970 at a motorcross race in La Mesa, CA:

Something here that I wrote a few years ago about "trail riding" as a kid.

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