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Originally Posted by nachtflug
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The roots of "dirt bikes" in the US are deepest in California.

From what you could glean from month old magazine information, you wouldl realize that in California, they weren't just doing it on Sundays.

totally incomprehensible for northeast mindset back when we'd be snowed in for months and then had to deal with MUD for months and then the heat and humidity in the summer along with green overgrown trails that the ungloved hand would become a pin cushion of prickers from.

and here and there someone would move west, to california...the name looms as large as any in the history of .."dirt bikes"..
And reading in those same magazines 'We don't care HOW they do it in California'. Those were in the letters to the editors from the REST OF THE WORLD.

I was in Michigan, graduating HS in '70, moved to the Bay Area in '76, lots better out here, for all the reasons you mention.
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