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Originally Posted by kittycactus
Here's an unlabeled bike from nachtflugs motorcycle thread, fifth page in, what year and model is it, was it any good?

Edit: Iím guessing this is late 70ís early 80ís since it still has the twin rear shocks, itís a two stroke Ė obviously itís a Kawasaki Ė what other features are a give away as to what it is? Itís got a low slung pipe which is odd looking. It has the older style front forks (telescopic?). I havenít really got that figured out entirely though (difference between the forks).
someone remarked it looked like a works bike but it looks like a stocker to me. KX400 by the looks of it. Jug is too big for a 250. Pipe is stock in its routing but definitely new hand made pipe. The first KX's were pretty decent, my cousin had a 73-250 that ripped pretty good, but again, the Elsinores were a little better and their sheer numbers in riders on the starting line gave them that much of an extra edge. But the KX's were good. Fast and light.

I was very surprised at the number of this vintage KX (1973-75 ish) at the Mid Ohio Vintage Days MX this past summer. The guys I chatted with claimed parts were easy to find and cheap. There were a lot of them there and going pretty good to boot.

The KX 400 was the runt of the litter in that most people running in the open class were still running European bikes with the odd Suzuki or Yamaha thrown in.

But this could be a works bike, its hard to tell. My money is on stock KX 400.
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