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Originally Posted by dave1068

Thats why i was looking at them. I'm 6'2 and most bikes I've had, have about a 30'' seat heat and after 45-60 min, my legs get cramped.

I looked at and am considering the X-Country. Looks sharp and has good components. Im just curious if being 6'2/210 on a single cylinder is too small and if cruising at 70-80mph is a strain on the 650.

I'd probably do about 98% street and the occasianal trail or dirt road. Its probably gonna be this or the triumph scrambler.
I'm about the same size and most of my riding is in and around NYC. I commute from Jersey City to places around the 5 boroughs.

I have taken it on a few longer trips to Boston and PA. You can keep a steady 80-90mph on the highway. It'd benefit from a wind guard, but it's rock steady and comfortable at high speeds.

In the city, it has probably saved my life a couple times now. The ABS brakes work great. It has the torque to get you out of any situation. And it is light and small like a dirt bike, so you can man-handle it around stopped traffic, up over curbs, etc.

On the trail or in the snow, it could use a more serious set of tires. I'm looking for a pair to swap out when I want to ride tougher terrain. (Anybody able to recommend a set?) But on the street, the stock ones are great.
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