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Originally Posted by Valleyrider
Wow! I raced with Don at Trojan!! It's been 40 years since I've seen him. It was about that time that the motocross and speedway guys split off from the flattrack/TT group. Larry Shaw's (Speedway "Lightning Larry Shaw") father used to try to get me drunk before the races at Elsinore. I was 19 or 20 at the time and he would make me wine coolers before the races started. Thought it was pretty cool drinking with him!! Then I finally realized what was happening. Larry could never beat me sober or tipsy.
Troy McKee was the fast guy in the 100cc class on a Hodaka. Can't remember who did his engines, but he had a reed valve setup on it and it Hauled A$$. Tom Berry had a fast YL1 Yamaha that had the rotary valve on the right side, but also had a second carb. Again, can't remember who built it, but It was fast when it ran...

I vaguely remember Mckee, the fastest Hodakas with the TT crowd in So Cal were built (IMHO) by Daryl Bazzani. Keith Miller raced a Bazzani built Hodaka at Parris and Elsinore sporting a 32mm carb, which for a standard piston ported 100cc, was outrageous. Bazzani now makes car exhaust systems for “Rice Burners” aka NOPI racers.

If you raced against Don at Trojan, it was before I met him. When I met Don he was riding a Rickman Zundap, sponsored by the Rickman importer John Steen. I think he rode a Van Tech framed Suzuki prior to that, but I’m not sure. I also seem to remember an American Eagle (Zundap motor in a knock-off Rickman frame) sponsorship in the mix too. His last real race bike he campaigned was a “Frankenbike” he put together after leaving Precision Cycle he called the “Pendap”, a 125cc Zundap motor in a Penton frame.

Many of the early 2 stroke race bikes were built by someone who made frames and they used a motor from an outside supplier. From England Villers made motors that DOT (Devoid Of Trouble), Cotton, and Greeves used. From Germany, Sachs motors were found not only in the Sachs brand but also Monark, Penton, and several other brands. Companies like Rickman used motors from Hodaka, Zundap, Triumph, BSA, and Montessa. There were also companies who took bikes like Hodakas and made upgrades/modifications like pipe, forks, and air cleaners and then sold them as a Steen’s Hodaka or Eddie Crowl Hodaka, similar to say a Roush or Saleen Mustang car today.

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