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Originally Posted by Jiminy Cricket
Asaracho- nice group ride you did in the Rockies. Did you do any single track with the XC? I noticed you rode with a guy on a Challenge; did you ever switch rides for a bit or wish you were on that bike?

I have been mulling the 2 over as I look for a lighter dualsport than my old airhead - and both of these are on my short list.
We never switched bikes but he was definitely a lot faster than me. There were a few points in that trip where I wondered If I was taking the bike where I shouldn't be taking it, where I could get in trouble. The stock plastic skidplate on the country is no good for offroading, I used it on that trip but it had me worrying a few times. Watch the rims too, I took my rear wheel to woody's after that trip because it had a slight hop in it. They fixed it no problem though.

I took my time on that trip, rode at my own pace and didn't get into any trouble. Rode through water crossings, up and down steep rocky hills. I wasn't nearly as fast as the KTM or the Challenge but the bike handled. The bike was pretty much brand new when I went on that trip and I was worried about dropping it, which is stupid. If you're worried about dropping your brand new bmw then don't take it over passes like that. I'm over that now, dropped it more than a few times actually (only once on that trip, and it was a mild one). Good solid handguards are crucial.

Honestly, if you're going to be doing serious offroading with some highway stints in between get the xchallenge. No question about it there. The x country can do it, but a little more work is involved. I've taken this bike where I wasn't "supposed" to many times though. No problems yet. Only smiles
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