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I got one. Anything you need to know - will be glad to help.
I have all manuals and collected as much as possible information from owners and mechanics.
I love that bike and I think it is best in it's own from what I can find on market.
It is not as fast as Africa or Supertenere (I think), but it will do 100 mph no probs, on newer 800 model tank is enoguh for 400-420 km, it is suprisingly agile on paved roads and IMO more off-road oriented than Africa or Superten.
In stock it got lot of extra weight that VERY easy to shave off. Just change of exhaust and few bits in the rear part of bike sheds off 20 kg right away.
It is taller and with more suspension travel than AT and ST and all it needs is normal front brake caliper instead of that joke of brakes stock. Disk is good, it is only caliper.
It is VERY similar to DR650 when you take plastics off and everything on bike is inside strong thick tubular frame, so there is virtually no way to break anything on bike in fall if you just install crashbars. And it is ultra cheap to run and tune.
Here is some gallery of mine in process of some build-up.
So far (almost complete) I did ( apart from total stripping to the frame and repainting frame and swingarm)
Front brake caliper from Gilera Nordwest (Grimeca caliper) with self-made adaptor
A bit of engine fiddle (main jets, airfilter)
Crashbars (self made from bits of cheap 5Stars bars)
WRP handlebar with proper handguards
Second variant of exhaust to let it breathe and save weight - full titanium Arrow end can from Benelli Tornad Tre - got it for 40 bucks off eBay with few stratches :) Saved about 8-9 kg weight
Trailtech Vapor instead of original dash - saved some weight
HID headlight - added some weight :)
Rear panniers frame - got cheap 5Stars from eBay, re-welded it myself. Protects rear part of bike in falls as well.
Suspension works just fine, so no change there. 68000 km on the clock, nothing touched in engine except usual maintenance and good oil.
Here is whole history
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