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The Trip

[Originally posted December 27, 2007]

This trip is defined by a direction, not a destination. The direction is South.

I don't have a lot of specific plans. Ride great roads (both paved and not). See cool things. Eat yummy food. Meet interesting people. Drink. Learn Spanish. Write code for the Next Big Thing.

The closest thing to an itinerary I have:

* Xmas with the parents in Prescott.
* Ride down Baja.
* Spend a week in southern Baja with a friend flying into Cabo.
* Ferry across to the mainland from La Paz.
* Find someplace pleasant in southern Mexico to spend a month taking Spanish lessons.
* See what's left of Villahermosa.
* Set foot (and tire) in every Central American country.
* Visit Yaviza, where the road ends in Panama.

I'm planning to do this the slow way, taking the most obscure routes and staying a few days wherever the natives are friendly. Honestly, though, I've never taken a trip like this so I don't really know what to expect. I'm not even sure when it will end. I'll be gone at least six months. If I'm still having a great time when I bump into the Darién Gap, I will probably put my motorcycle on a boat and sail around to Columbia to continue the tour south. Unfortunately the timing would land me in Tierra del Fuego in the middle of winter, but I've heard Brazil is a good place to hang out for a few months while the seasons change... so a return date is hard to predict :-)

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