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San Blas, Continued

[Originally posted January 18, 2008]

San Blas is exactly what I hoped to find in Mexico. I stayed for three nights and I wonder if I shouldn't stay more.

I met cool people.

I went whale watching. There were dozens of Blue Whales. They got quite close to the boat, some less than 10 meters.

I met more cool people, including a guy (Robert) who is riding his KLR south. The couple (Chad and Erin) are headed to Costa Rica with an old suburban loaded up with surfboards.

I went on a crazy jungle boat ride. I thought this might be fun-but-silly tourist crap but it turned out to be AMAZING. 10-foot crocodiles, countless species of strange birds, mangroves, turtles, fish, leafcutter ants, strange lemur-like creatures... and of course cerveza.

To top it off, we visited an old stone fort from the 1700s perched above the city.

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