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The Road To Talpa

[Originally posted January 22, 2008]

The KTM LC4 (the engine used in my 640A) has an irritatingly short service interval, 5,000 km (about 3100 miles). I'm a couple hundred miles over that now, so it's time to find a KTM shop. The nearest one is in Guadalajara, a couple hundred kilometers inland.

Eduardo had recommended a dualsport ride along the Rio Cuale (the river that bisects Puerto Vallarta) to a town called Talpa de Allende. No road showed on any of my maps (including the one in the GPS). I did find Talpa and verified that a good road does go east from there to Guadalajara... so what the hell, it sounds like fun. I set an "off road" (ie, straight-line) route to Talpa and set off down the road that parallels the river.

Christ, what a road. It turned out to be 60 miles of dirt and sand that went up, down, up, down, 1000 meters at a time. The switchbacks were often steep on the turn and covered with deep, soft sand. There were ruts that could swallow the entire bike (no joke). There were water crossings. There were tiny ranches and livestock (cows, goats, pigs, chickens, burros, horses) all over the road. There were no cars in either direction... if something went wrong, I'd probably be out there overnight.

It took all day. It was fun.

Deep, powdery sand:

Adobe building in the middle of nowhere:

Water crossing:

Nice road, eh?

Mexican cattle guards:

A log cabin at altitude. Note the pine trees:
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