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Yours is in with mine and the rest of the batch. The bodies go in for hard coat on Monday. Depending on when they come back, I may have them all together by the end of the week.


The Hard Coat anodizing is optional ($45) and is not for looks, it is a performance coating that makes the shock have less internal friction, last longer (like a LOT longer) and also helps keep the oil cleaner. You don't need it. If you were to send in a shock to RaceTech for that coating you would be looking at about $120.

As far as the other parts, many are shared with other shocks we build. Doing those one off for each shock and these things would cost many times more. I am not too worried about my volume on these (this is no get rich scheme) I am just tying to make the best shock I can for a decent price. This is the answer for me and my bike and if it works for a bunch of others that will make me and them happy! A lower cost option that works very well is the RaceTech Gold Valve, I ran one of those for a couple years. They cost $169 but we discount them. installation from us is $85 (we are a RaceTech center). For the $379 we are offering our upgrade at, you get the rebound adjustability as well as a new seal head assembly that includes the shaft bushing and seals as well as a new shaft. Basically it is a new shock that is of very high quality. I don't want to let anything out of this shop that isn't at least excellent. Providing people keep up with a service every few years ( have us do an oil change and re-charge) I will replace any parts that wear out (the parts that come from cogent) at no cost, forever (same owner). I think it is a great deal.
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