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You can but you need some really small strong wire to release the crimp pins retaining in the plastic plug. Can do it but tricky. The SE does not have any wires in the speedo plug for the switch so that is why I had to get the crimps and tool to fit them into the plug. The adventure has the plug already.The SE you have to cut off the plug on the switch and put on crimps and then fit those to the speedo plug.

Originally Posted by ErrinV
Thanks for this info Pilbara. I got the switch with my bike ('07 990) and it never worked. Only the Mode button and the Minus button would work.

So the dealer shipped me another one, and I connected it today, with the same results. Now I'll have to go back in there and see if I can trace the wires and see if it matches the diagrams that you have posted.

One thing that I'm not clear on though. You mention a special tool and crimps. Is it not possible to just move the wires on the speedo? I've never attempted this kind of thing so I'm wondering if it's over my head.

Next time I'm in there I'll be sure and take pictures and note the wire colors too.

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