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The good news is that since both tabs are broken off, you won't get the buzzy vibes at 9-10K rpm like I did after breaking just one of mine off.

It's been so long since I've looked inside one of those bikes at the filter lid, that I'm just thinking of the most basic mechanical solution - If the lid is thick enough, drill and tap two holes, maybe 4mm dia or 6mm dia. Put the holes precisely opposite each other on a concentric circle around the lid to avoid balance issues later. Insert bolts or screws into the lid an pull off carefully. Use a puller if needed to exert a straight and controlled force. Or buy some threaded rod the same size as the tapped holes and long enough to bottom out in the filter cannister. Continue tightening them evenly after they hit bottom and they should pull the lid free. Not too much unlike a home made drawbolt/rocker shaft puller I ginned up for the Ducati motors. I can get metric threaded rod from 4mm upwards at my local Ace Hdwe store.

Then look at how to deal with the screwholes for reassembly. Maybe use some headless allen socket screws like setscrews to plug the holes after removing the new "puller" screws. With a dab of blue Loctite each time.

The saving grace is that if the lid gets trashed, you could probably have a replacement turned from aluminum flat stock for cheap or by a talented friend with a lathe.
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