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Drowned in a river near San Blas, Panama

I crossed 4 rivers on my way to Cocuye. The 2nd river on the way back got deeper than it was, and the whole air intake got flooded. I spent two hours drying it. I removed and dried the plugs. I threw away the air filter (wrecked). The plugs are ok. I drained the water by removing the plugs and tilting the bike. Probably a quart drained out. I managed to re-start it, and with a twist of the throttle at least another quart came out- through the tail pipe!

The bike is still in the jungle. Tomorow I'll take oil, an oil filter, an air filter, a mechanic, and a big truck. We will use the truck to get back over the rivers. It is raining now in the mountains which means the rivers will rise. I would really appreciate any advice. Now I'm going to shower and get some food.

It is at least 4 hours from here to where the bike is stashed. Tomorow is going to be a long, long day.
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