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Originally Posted by bananaman
I crossed 4 rivers on my way to Cocuye. The 2nd river on the way back got deeper than it was, and the whole air intake got flooded. I spent two hours drying it. I removed and dried the plugs. I threw away the air filter (wrecked). The plugs are ok. I drained the water by removing the plugs and tilting the bike. Probably a quart drained out. I managed to re-start it, and with a twist of the throttle at least another quart came out- through the tail pipe!
That was not a good idea, but if you got all/most of the water out by tilting the bike you could be lucky. The water coming out the tail pipe was probably just the exhaust full of water. Standard procedure for a drowned engine is get the water out of the intake & airbox, then remove the plugs and turn the engine over with the plugs out. This will pump out all the water (don't look in the spark plug hole while you're doing this, as a mate of mine once did ). Keep turning it over until no more water comes out. Trying to start an engine that has water in the cylinders can result in nasty, expensive noises coming from that area

I can't see a breather on my 1100 trans, the FD definitely has one. Change the trans & FD oil, ride to get it up to operating temp, then drop and check the oil. Any sign of water, do it again with fresh oil.

You will need to clean up your starter motor. At least clean and lube the shaft of the gear that engages the clutch housing. Otherwise you may find that it stops engaging and turning over the engine in the weeks to come.

The cover on the left of this diagram is what you need to remove, then clean and lube it:

With the starter motor off, get a torch and have a look inside at the clutch. I don't know an easy way to clean this out, but hopefully there won't be any/much in there.

Replace oil filter and air filter. Get an oilable foam type air filter (eg. Uni Filter) rather than a paper one - they don't melt when they get wet like the paper ones do.
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