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Mercado Libertad

I stumbled randomly into the Mercado Libertad, the world's craziest shopping mall. I've never seen anything like it.

There is no way to capture the size of it with my camera, so I will resort to satellite imagery.

The building is three stories tall and packed *densely* with shops selling nearly anything you can imagine as long as it's cheap and 500 of them can be stacked against a wall. Thousands of shops, some no wider than an arm's length. The corridors would give Noreteamericano fire marshalls coronary attacks; rarely were they wide enough two walk two abreast and so wandering around involved a lot of stopping at intersections to let people pass.

It was hard to photograph. Remember, the open area was less than half of the total area of the building.

The food court occupied most of the second level and had at least a hundred options... although it was pretty much all "Mexican food". Go figure.

The rows of butcher shops were the most amusing. This, I think, captures the whole experience:

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