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Museo Regional de Guadalajara

The Museo Regional de Guadalajara has remarkable artifacts relating to Jalisco dating from prehistoric ages (including a Mastadon skeleton), through the colonial period, into the founding of Mexico and the modern day.

Odd typewriters:

Multi-hundred-year-old globes are always amusing:

I was surprised to discover that I could read most of the placards, only occasionally looking up words in my startrek translator.

This painting from the colonial period I found especially amusing:

Here is the placard:

Translated, more-or-less this says "San Antonio de Padua. Anonymous. Oil on canvas. Religious franciscan from Portugal. He is always represented with the child Jesus in his arms, the staff of white lilies signifies chastity. He lived from 1195 to 1231."

I like how they went out of their way to point out that no, the priest is not sodomizing the baby Jesus!
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