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Mexican Advriders

On the road to Acapulco I caught up to a pack of BMW 1200GS riders in full gear with Jalisco license plates. "Caught up" is probably not the right term; I stopped for a beverage and when I got back on the road, there they were in front of me. If the timing had not worked out exactly this way I would have missed them entirely since they were riding 90mph+ and passing cars the way that you can when you have 1200cc engines and the Mexican constitution for vehicular risk. Incidentally, these were the first local riders I've seen with what I consider proper motorcycle safety equipment; rarely do I see helmets, let alone body armor.

They were actually great riders and the roads were straight so I had to seriously flog my poor lone 600cc piston to keep up. When I finally saw three digits in my (still reading mph) speedometer I decided to just catch up when they stop for gas.

It continues to be my experience that motorcyclists, especially adv-type riders, are the nicest people on earth. This group (six riders and four pillions) was part of a large (60+) club in Guadalajara that takes two-week trips every couple months. The leader is even on advrider (hi Guillermo!). We exchanged email addresses and phone numbers. They're planning a trip to Alaska in the spring, maybe I can arrange to have them meet my SF riding crew. I'll still be in Central America.

I rode with this group for a while but then sanity (and the lure of a dirt detour) set in and I broke off. Of course, immediately I started riding 80mph on a rough dirt coastal road... so much for sanity.
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