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Originally Posted by meat popsicle

The long one, an overnight trip can be bad. We did not know they do not let you go back to your vehicle, so we couldn't get anything: sleeping bag, toothbrush, or even just a jacket! It gets cold on the Sea of Cortez after dark... and there really isn't any food; folks who knew brought their own.

I believe I have seen at least one of the dead resorts you photographed, but I can't recall the name of the bay it was on, um, Boca de Iguana?
The short ferry had its downside too - dumped me in a nasty part of town at 10pm. Plus the ride to Mazatlán was boring boring boring. I would have rather stayed overnight on the ferry! I was warned that I wouldn't be able to get anything from the vehicle under way. That sucks about being stuck on the boat without stuff! I hear stories of people having to leave their pets in the car for the whole trip

Google maps doesn't show me the names of the bays and my maps are all packed up, but I'll look them up when I get a chance. I got to walk around in the one near San Blas, that was pretty neat. It's been standing like that for decades, what's the chance it's going to fall on little old me, right?
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