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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
Man, I gotta' get caught up on this thread. I just remembered that Godspeed PMd me when he was coming through LA to pick those bikes up.

The Heck tanks shown on the 95 Dakar bike carried the weight too high. The later Rallye tanks (1997-2000) wrap in and around the subframe. They look more like saddlebags and lowered the CG.

The dual exhaust on the 1996-1998 Adventure was mostly a styling exercise. It looks like the Rallye and that's all that mattered. It used the Rallye head and mid pipes but had its own Y-tube and dual mufflers. Changing it to a Rallye style exhaust would be nothing more than changing the muffler.

Yes, it's vulnerable but it's fookin' cool.
Yeah it's fooking cool - I have the 97 low pipe model (see sig).. However, the rallye exhausts are not available from a number of online sources - so I am pulling the duals off and running just one pipe down the rhs and will bend it up so it will just clear the pelican hard bags..

If the rebuild goes well - and it's all good - once it's back on the road I will do some rear tanks. The ones from the 99 are available - but their are diffrerence in the subframes on the rallye and the 620 low pipe model. Thus, if I could find the Hecktanks I would grab em in heartbeat.. I got the 620Adv to slab/ride it to where the group would go offroad, I would use the rear reserve 1st on the slab, then use the reg tank for offroad... Some starting places are in the middle of nowhere - etc...
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