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Originally Posted by clarky
Jason, yeah it is a bike that I have been looking at, although it is 1600km from me, so it makes it a little difficult to go and have a look at it!!

It is definately an 04 Adventure, and I'm not sure of the details of the tanks.....I think they are actually sheet metal, rather than plastic.

What I am interested in is the screen, as it is def not your standard 04 screen. Can the older style screen be purchased and do they provide increased protection from buffeting?

I honestly dont know about the screen - I have only ridden with mine (97) and didn't have any problems.. I know that Munn Racing via KTMTAlk membership has allot of parts available.. However, you would have to buy the two seperate pieces... Older style has the lower fairing and at clear upper piece/fairing - I think the new models one is all one piece... For the $$ - I would probably get a windscreen spoiler similiar to one that is on my 990 ( instead.. It's less $$ overall...
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