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I have no idea about the NX650's carb diameter, but they are all designated as Keihin VE80 for the '88s. From the outside, they look indentical to the one on the XR650L. I'm not sure you'd gain anything in a straight swap. Look at for ideas on modification.

I installed a Dynojet kit on my NX, along with a modded airbox, K&N, ABP headers and GPR 1-1 exhaust.

Here's a list with Euro NX carb types:

Modelle Baujahr Vergasertyp
NX650 (J) - 1988 VE80A (offen), VE80B (gedrosselt)
NX500 (J) - 1988 VE80C

NX650 (L) 1990 VE84A bzw. VE84D (offen), VE84B bzw. VE84E (gedrosselt)
NX500 (L) 1990 VE80C

NX650 (M) 1991 VE84D (offen), VE84F (gedrosselt)
NX500 (M) 1991 VE84G

NX650 (N) 1992 VE84D (offen), VE84F (gedrosselt)
NX500 (N) 1992 VE84J

NX650 (S) 1995 VE87C (offen + gedrosselt)

NX650 (V) 1997 VE87C (offen + gedrosselt)
NX500 (V) 1997 VE87F

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