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Originally Posted by lhoriman
I came to Guadalajara seeking the KTM dealer. Like any good quest, I had was a cryptic direction obtained by sacrificing a virgin chicken on their website: "Av. Patria Pte No. 2128 int. A. Colonia Colomos Patria" WTF?!? The GPS refused to help me so I had to ask directions from two guys who kept going on about golondrinas. Eventually I figured out that the actual address is Patria #2128, but I still have no idea what the other words mean.
the int. means interseccion, you don't have to know spanish to know what that means. the A is Avenida. in costa rica the addresses are given in meters from some church, street corner or other landmark, 300 metros de la iglesia santa teresita, and so on.
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