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Cue Paul Hogan: That's not a knife...

It was a coin toss but ultimately curiosity of parts anew (Oaxaca) won out over comfort in beachland paradise. Also, if I stayed in Puerto Escondido I would have had to buy more shirts; I only brought longsleeved baselayers for riding and they the temperature was *way* too hot.

Here is where my bike stayed at the Mayflower:

I ate breakfast at a random comedor, one of the ubiquitous places that squeeze fresh oranges and carrots into your glass for less than $2. While I'm eating an old guy with a peculiar bicycle-ish contraption walks up, exchanges some words with a woman behind the counter, and arranges this on the sidewalk:

I pulled my buck knife out of my kit and had it sharpened. 5 pesos.

I planned to do the trip to Oaxaca in two days. I've heard horrible things about MEX 131 (horrible things that sound great to me, like rough pavement and endless curves) so my home for the night was going to be a small village along the route. Since I was running low on pesos, I needed to find an ATM before I left. This was the 30th of January.

I have since learned that most Mexicanos get paid on the 15th and the 30th/31st of the month, furthermore Direct Deposit has apparently not yet been invented here. The banks were madhouses. There were big lines for the ATMs and most of them were out of cash. The last functioning ATM in Puerto Escondido would only dispense up to 1500 pesos in 50-peso bills, so I finally left the city with the equivalent of 30 five-dollar bills in my pocket.

Mexico will teach Jeff to Plan Ahead.
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