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I measured my sag today to get a reading before I add an aftermarket tank. The bike has all stock suspension and a full tank of gas. The only add on bits are a Corbin seat, rear rack, and dirt bagz racks. I should have put on the stock seat and taken off the racks to get a completely stock reading but didn't think about it until after I was done.

I weight right around 160lbs and I wasn't wearing any gear.

Static: 45mm(1.77 inch)
Race: 93mm(3.66 inch)

Static: 37mm(1.46 inch)
Race: 62mm(2.44 inch)

The front seems to be way off. Does this sound right??

As for the rear, I haven't made any changes to it. I bought the bike used and I've only had it for a little while. I knew I was going to do something to the suspension so I haven't touched the preload. By the looks of it, my preload is cranked up?? It's somewhat close to the end of the threads. I'm a dummy when it comes to suspension. If it's cranked up, what will it do to my readings if I take it the other way? I'm trying to get a better understanding on the spring rate. Here's a pic:

Sorry for the big picture.

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