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Originally Posted by demenshea
Wow Jeff, I am so impressed!!!

I have longed to do a tour of Europe, however I never seem to have enough money. After reading this fantastic tale and one from my friends Brian and Conchita I am convinced that south may be the answer to my travel bug.

I have a million questions for you which I will address in a PM, but for now I simply want to say what a wonderfully written report you have going and how I am simultaneously enjoying your journey, though I am still green with envy.

Here in Reno, the tempatures are currently freezing...the sun is shining but it isn't warm enough to melt the snow. Roadways are clear, but the temps keep my Bandit in the garage. Heated gear doesn't keep my face warm...

I am subbing in the school district, not nearly as interesting as your job and while home and surfing ADVrider, I am excited to read the next chapter of your journey.

I have your blog bookmarked as well.

Cheers mate and ride safely...don't know about 80mph on dirt....
Thanks! I can't say enough good things about riding through Mexico, and I hear it only gets cheaper, warmer, and greener on the way south. You should totally do it

I agree, as much fun as it would be to ride Europe, the exchange rate + the cost of shipping a bike would make a similar trip 10X as expensive. Someday.

I caught up with Tom&Heidi's report a couple days ago and I'm halfway through Brian&Conchita's now. It's funny to read other people's impressions of the same places I've visited and get a heads up on some of the places ahead. Too bad our timing didn't work out, I would have loved to meet up with some other long-term riders on the road!

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