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Originally Posted by kpie
I have the same exact bike and want to get the hell out of dodge (Salt Lake City) snow/ice and all. Looks like the trip of a lifetime. Wish I was there dude. Keep the posts coming man. How is the bike holding up so far, (motor,suspension, etc.)?
Do it!

I'm planning to write about the current state of the bike soon. The upshot is that it's doing well but shows some signs of stress; a few bolts have vibrated out and some trivial metal parts have actually broken off. The rear shock needs more preload (it did before too, but now it's more noticable). The motor hasn't so much as hiccuped.

Despite all that, I'd say (so far) you have a great tool for the job Just avoid the superhighways. Riding on dirt has been great, but I have to admit that when I'm on pavement (90% of the time so far) I find myself wishing the bike would grow a second cylinder. This feeling may change when the roads get worse south of Mexico, though.

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