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starter relays: stop the ripoff

The starter relay on my r80g/s started not working... and the outer cover would come off when i pulled it from it's socket.
Time for a new one, said i...
Quick call to local BM shop $AU84! What the... are those spades platinum! BM wreckers: $45
There's no way I'm gonna splash that sort of payola for a simple relay.
Well, of course, it's not just a "simple" relay. Turns out that BMW wanted a diode in it so you had to get that specific ($BIG$) one. Bugger that!
Why can;'t the diode be wired externally?
Well, as it turns out, it can.
I bought a basic Bosch four pin 30amp relay, a relay socket, a few spade connectors, and 12v5w diode. Wired 'em up - as per the diagram on the old relay - and Bob's yer uncle...
All components from local electronics store (Jaycar).
Cost: Relay $4.50, Socket $3.80, Diode $4.80 (had to buy 4), spade connectors $~1.20.
Total: $14.30
And if i ever need another relay i can get one at any car parts joint.
Another small victory for the little guy.
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