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The low cost fix for my 02 was to get a seat for the 03. It's a good improvement, but I don't think it's the final solution. Gonna send my old seat to Todd Sargeant in Jax. He's done work for me before and it's been excellent. Runs about $250 for the job, but when I can scrape the coin up that's where I'm spending my cash. I'll never give Mike Corbin another dime. Been screwed by him before, he's definitely not the same guy who started the company. He used to be about customer service, but that's long gone now.

Heard good things about Bill Mayer, but haven't tried his stuff yet. Saw a pic here a few months ago of a seat he did for an AdvR, and it looked comfy. If you're close to him it would be worth a look.
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