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Measure the sag from a point vertical above the rear axle. A spot on the fender or frame will do. Unweight the bike by lifting the rear till the suspension tops out. have your assistant measure to the spot from the axle. (you can do this on a stand) then let the full weight of the bike (with gas) settle on the spring. measure again to the same spots. Subtract the smaller # fron the larger#.This is static sag. Sit on the bike (with riding gear) both feet off the ground. Measure again. Subtract the new measure from the original measurement with bike unweighted. this is race sag. If race sag ,3.5" - 4.0" or so can't be reached with a static sag of approx 3/4" you will have to get a different spring. Keintech can tell you which will work best in your application. Luggage and larger fuel tanks may have to be considered.
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