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Originally Posted by Zapp22
i can't quite see what the stiffeners are fastened to... are they tied to a bar clamp of some kind?

so, you're saying once you support the headlight shroud so as to reduce flexing, the shield works pretty spiffy, right?
That's it! The screen is plenty solid mounted up that way. The light gage aluminum flat stock (1" wide), has one end bent at a suitable angle to mate up flat with the inside of the headlight shroud and the other end is thru bolted to a light gage clamp on the bar. I fine tuned the angle of the screen with spacers between the screen and the headlight shroud. This set up is darned near perfect. A shorter rider could cut some of the material off the top of the screen if they wanted to get a more custom fit. The design of the Cee Bailey screen is wide at the top, unlike some others out there. I think this is one of the reasons the screen works so well and keeps the wind off the shoulders and upper arms.

I'll try to post up some better photos later on today.
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