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Sag and stuff on lowered DR

Stock spring 2007 DR650, lowered both ends. 175lb rider butt neeked after a good dump.

I just checked the static sag on the rear of the pig and it is 2" with the preload all the way wound up tight. Nothing left. I don't think the leverage is different with it lowered? Doesn't the setup just move the eye mounting in the shock and the spring on the same pivot points as the standard setup? That would mean the leverage doesn't change, just the "location or length of the extended shock? Same as a ride height adjuster.Basically putting a shorter shock in with the same spring rate?

This seems like too much static sag. Rider sag adds another good 2" or maybe a tad more.

31" fully unloaded
29" bike only
27" bike and rider, maybe a little less

perpendicular to ground on centerline of rear axle. Something seems weird?
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