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Originally Posted by mrr1150gs
Ok, so is there anyway to retrofit a light like the R1200GS low beam that will provide good light and last?

Some of the kits use existing head light wiring for power, would wiring straight to the battery running it through a relay give better results?

Which components are best?

What is the source?
There is a detailed thread specific to your application here:

If you read through the thread, a few members got there kits off eBay for real cheap, and had failures shortly after (get what you pay for!)

With a quality set, and single beam bulbs like your bike, having the wiring running straight to the battery is not necessary, the results would be the same either way, the extra cable just offers a little more protection on the factory harness. I have never had a customer have a problem when not using the extra harness.

Your bike uses H7 bulbs for both low & high.
We have an automotive set here: (this will do both low & high beam)

All sellers will tell you their components are best, so I'll save that for them. We have a 18 month replacement warranty to back up our claims on quality. If you just want to do a low beam conversion only, its not posted on the site, but we have that option as well.

Source is from a factory we work closely with in Asia. We could never offer this price with kits from Germany. Components come from Germany, Japan, and Korea, but are assembled in China to keep labour cost way down to get an inexpensive high quality product, cause this is what everyone wants, right?
Many sellers claim there kits are from Germany or Japan and some even using the Philips name yet they are selling them for $50-$100 or whatever. This is total BS. First of all they Philips does not re-base HID bulbs, and their prices for HID components are way higher.

There are many factories making these in Asia now, and very few of them use quality components to manufacture them, many copy cats out there, so it is very hard to tell quality by looking at them as most kits look the same.
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