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Pics from cornerspin

I took the class earlier in January and my experience is basically the same as jakk98's.

However, I took pictures!

This is the "circle of death" where students learn to lowside. By the end of the second day, I was able to keep the back stepped out around the full circle.

These are the bikes. Hard to believe that 7 HP will supply so much fun. The braking on the Hondas is best described as "relaxed".

An instructor on the short course. This course is used to teach squaring off corners. And falling down. Of course, the entire class is about falling down and how not to fall down.

Another instructor. This gentleman is a flat tracker of some repute. He could really hustle a bike around the course.

This is a student getting a foot down. This was early on the second day. Lean angles increased all day long.

Another shot of the same student. Shitty form, but he was task loaded. The instructor is yelling "Elbows up!".

And that's it.

CornerSpin is a great course, I learned a lot. Definitely recommended.

Sorry for the hijack jakk98!

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