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Ok.... Got the shock yesterday and mounted in the bike last night. Everything was buttoned up nicely, but it was freaking POURING out, so no ride last night, but even just sitting on the bike stationary revealed a HUGE difference in damping. The shock no longer acted like a pogo stick like it did before. I mean, it was a spring on a stick before, but now? Sit on the bike and it squats a little and stays there.

Rick set the preload in the middle of the adjustment range and I did not even measure it last night, but it "felt" close. There is still plenty of preload adjustment left, so I have room to play with. My spring is stock and I weighed in at 178 butt naked this morning. Rebound was set at 20 clicks out, and I never checked the compression side.

You can change the ride height with these also by loosening the nut at the bottom and screwing the lower mount out some and then tightening the nut back down, but you have to remove the lower mount bolt to do it. No biggie. I do not know how much height adjustment you can do here though.

Rick also sent all the stock stuff back with it, so you have all the stock pieces if you want em for later too!

Fast forward to this morning. Rainy out today, but who gives a shit, right? Throw on the rain suit and a cover on the tail pack and go. Now, I have a down hill gravel driveway with a 90 degree left and 90 degree right, and I noticed that I was not feeling anything. I mean, just in that short of a span I could see a difference! I hit the shoulder to the next road up and took off. Nice back roads most of the way to work that have decent sweepers that, if I want to, I can stay wide open most of the way. I kept it at about 70 to 80mph and enjoyed the ride, noting the different feel from the rear. Before, the rear tended to "track" a bit due to excessive movement and that pogo efect, but this morning? The rear was planted! I mean, I never felt a bump! The rear never wandered around "hunting" for a line. It just tracked nicely and felt great! I even took a short off road down hill excursion to the grocery store parking lot instead of using the road, and it felt great!

I can't wait to try it off road now!

Definately a nice set up that Rick has put together and once again, I can highly recommend Rick's services!
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